Proven Techniques for Cheap East Point, GA Car Insurance

Finding lower rates for East Point car insurance can be a challenge for people who are new to comparison shopping online. Drivers have so many choices that it can easily become a lot of work to locate the lowest price in East Point.

Finding affordable coverage in East Point is not rocket science. If you have car insurance now, you should be able to save some money using these techniques. But Georgia vehicle owners must know the way companies sell online because it can help you find the best coverage.

Rate influencing factors

It’s important that you understand the factors that go into determining the rates you pay for car insurance. Understanding what controls the rates you pay helps enable you to make changes that may reward you with lower car insurance prices.

Listed below are some of the items that factor into rates.

  • Your car’s features help determine rates – Choosing a vehicle with anti-theft technology or alarm system can help lower your rates. Anti-theft devices such as LoJack tracking devices, vehicle tamper alarm systems or GM’s OnStar system can thwart car theft.
  • Your location affects your rates – Residing in a rural area has it’s advantages when insuring your vehicles. Fewer drivers means reduced accidents and a lower car theft rate. City drivers regularly have congested traffic and much longer commute distances. Higher commute times translates into higher accident risk.
  • Pay less after the wedding – Being married can actually save you money on your policy. Having a spouse is viewed as being more mature and responsible and statistics show drivers who are married are more cautious.
  • Lower deductibles cost more – Coverage for physical damage, also known as collision and other-than-collision, is used to repair damage to your car. Some examples of claims that would be covered could be running into the backend of another car, collision with an animal, and rolling your vehicle. The deductibles are how much you are willing to pay out-of-pocket if you file a covered claim. The more the insured has to pay upfront, the lower your rates will be.
  • Safer cars are cheaper to insure – Vehicles with good safety scores are cheaper to insure. The safest vehicles have better occupant injury protection and any reduction in injury severity translates into savings for insurance companies and thus lower rates.
  • Are you male or female? – Statistics show that women are safer drivers than men. However, this does not mean men are WORSE drivers than women. Women and men are in accidents at a similar rate, but the male of the species have costlier accidents. Men also tend to have more aggressive citations such as reckless driving. Teenage male drivers are several times more likely to be in an accident and are penalized with high car insurance rates.

Compare East Point Car Insurance Costs

The are a couple different ways to compare rate quotes from car insurance companies in your area. The easiest way to find competitive insurance rates is to get quotes online. This can be accomplished using a couple different methods.

One of the simplest ways to get quotes for comparison is a comparison rater form click here to open form in new window. This type of form saves time by eliminating boring form submissions for every car insurance company. Taking the time to complete one form will get you rate comparisons from several companies. It’s the fastest way to compare.

A harder way to compare prices is to take the time to go to the website for every company you want to comare to complete a price quote. For example, we’ll assume you want comparison quotes from Liberty Mutual, State Farm and Farmers. To get rate quotes you would need to visit each site to input your insurance information, which is why the first method is quicker.

For a list of links to insurance companies in East Point, click here.Georgia insurance prices

Whichever way you use, compare apples-to-apples coverage limits with every price quote. If you compare differing limits then you won’t be able to determine the best price in East Point. Quoting even small variations in coverage limits may result in large price differences. And when comparison shopping, comparing a large number of companies helps you find a better price.

Do drivers who switch really save?

Car insurance providers like Allstate, GEICO and Progressive continually stream ads in print and on television. They all make the same claim that you can save after switching to their company. But how can every company claim to save you money? This is how they do it.

Different companies are able to cherry pick for the type of customer that is profitable for them. For example, a profitable customer might be profiled as between the ages of 30 and 50, a clean driving record, and drives less than 7,500 miles a year. A driver who fits that profile receives the best rates and is almost guaranteed to cut their rates substantially.

Drivers who do not match the “perfect” profile will have to pay higher rates and this can result in the customer not buying. The ads say “customers that switch” but not “drivers who get quotes” save that kind of money. That’s the way companies can make the claims of big savings. Because of the profiling, you should get a wide range of price quotes. Because you never know the company that will give you the biggest savings.

Do you qualify for discounts?

Companies don’t always list every available discount very well, so here is a list some of the more common and also the lesser-known ways to save on car insurance.

  • Military Discounts – Having a family member in the military could be rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Save over 55 – Older drivers can possibly qualify for reduced rates.
  • Discount for New Cars – Putting insurance coverage on a new car can save up to 30% since new cars are generally safer.
  • Anti-theft Discount – Vehicles with anti-theft systems are stolen less frequently and qualify for as much as a 10% discount.
  • Own a Home – Owning a home in East Point may trigger a car insurance policy discount because of the fact that having a home demonstrates responsibility.
  • Bundle and Save – If you insure your home and vehicles with the same company you may save at least 10% off all policies.
  • Club Memberships – Being a member of a civic or occupational organization could trigger savings on your policy.
  • Accident Waiver – A few companies allow you one accident before hitting you with a surcharge if you are claim-free for a particular time prior to the accident.
  • Safe Driver Discount – Insureds without accidents may save up to 50% more than drivers with accidents.

It’s important to understand that most discount credits are not given to all coverage premiums. Most only reduce individual premiums such as physical damage coverage or medical payments. So even though it sounds like you can get free auto insurance, you won’t be that lucky.

For a list of companies who offer car insurance discounts in East Point, follow this link.

Georgia insurance prices

Even more information can be found at the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner website. Georgia consumers can find disaster information, find a variety of consumer forms, and report car insurance fraud.

A little work can save a LOT of money

In this article, we covered quite a bit of information on how to compare car insurance prices online. The key concept to understand is the more companies you get rates for, the better likelihood of reducing your rate. You may be surprised to find that the lowest premiums are with the smaller companies.

Insureds who switch companies do it for a number of reasons such as lack of trust in their agent, being labeled a high risk driver, poor customer service or even policy non-renewal. It doesn’t matter why you want to switch finding a new car insurance company is pretty easy and you might even save some money in the process.

Cheaper car insurance can be sourced on the web in addition to many East Point insurance agents, so compare prices from both to have the best chance of lowering rates. There are still a few companies who do not provide online quoting and most of the time these small insurance companies sell through independent agents.