Huntsville Alabama Auto Insurance For Less Than You’re Paying Now

Having to pay for overpriced auto insurance can drain your savings account and make it hard to pay other bills. Doing a price comparison is a great way to slash your bill and have more diposable income.

There are many insurance companies to insure vehicles with, and although it’s nice to be able to choose, it can be more challenging to find the best rates.

Informed Drivers can Cut Their Rates

Smart consumers have a good feel for the rating factors that come into play when calculating the rates you pay for auto insurance. Knowing what impacts premium levels empowers consumers to make smart changes that can help you get lower auto insurance prices.

  • Lower miles equals lower premium – The higher the mileage driven in a year’s time the higher your rates will be. Most companies apply a rate based upon how you use the vehicle. Autos not used for work or commuting qualify for better rates than those used for commuting. Ask your agent if your auto insurance declarations sheet properly reflects the correct usage for each vehicle.
  • Little extras can really add up – There are many extra bells and whistles that can waste your money on your policy. Insurance for vanishing deductibles, accident forgiveness and membership fees are some examples. These coverages may sound good at first, but your needs may have changed so eliminate the coverages to reduce your premium.
  • Multi-policy discounts can save money – The majority of insurers will give a discount to people who carry more than one policy. It’s known as a multi-policy discount. Discounts can add up to five, ten or even twenty percent. Even though this discount sounds good, it’s in your best interest to shop around to ensure the best deal.
  • Is your vehicle built for speed? – The performance of the vehicle you own makes a huge difference in determining your rates. The most favorable rates tend to be for lower performance four cylinder passenger models, but the cost you end up paying is determined by many additional factors.
  • Discounts for married couples – Having a spouse actually saves money on auto insurance. Having a spouse usually means you are more mature and it’s proven that being married results in fewer claims.

These discounts can slash auto insurance rates

Car insurance companies don’t always publicize all available discounts very clearly, so we break down both well-publicized as well as the least known discounts you could be receiving.

  • Government Employees – Simply working for the federal government may qualify you for a discount with select insurance companies.
  • Drive Safe and Save – Drivers who avoid accidents can pay as much as 50% less than drivers with accidents.
  • Senior Discount – Mature drivers may receive a small decrease in premiums.
  • Driver Safety – Taking part in a course in driver safety could possibly earn you a 5% discount and easily recoup the cost of the course.
  • Life Insurance Discount – Larger companies have lower rates if you buy life insurance.
  • No Accidents – Drivers with accident-free driving histories can earn big discounts when compared to accident-prone drivers.
  • Passive Restraints and Air Bags – Factory air bags or automatic seat belts can receive discounts of more than 20%.
  • Anti-theft Discount – Cars that have factory anti-theft systems are stolen less frequently and qualify for as much as a 10% discount.
  • Distant Student – Any of your kids who live away from home without a vehicle on campus may be able to be covered for less.
  • New Car Discount – Putting insurance coverage on a new car is cheaper due to better safety requirements for new cars.

A little note about advertised discounts, some of the credits will not apply to the entire cost. Most only reduce the cost of specific coverages such as medical payments or collision. Just because you may think you can get free auto insurance, companies wouldn’t make money that way.

For a list of insurance companies with discount auto insurance rates in Huntsville, click this insurance image

Can you really save $460 a year?

Companies like Allstate, GEICO and Progressive consistently run ads on TV and radio. All the ads make the same claim of big savings if you change to their company. How do they all make the same claim?

Different companies have a certain “appetite” for the type of customer that earns them a profit. For instance, a preferred risk might be profiled as over the age of 50, has no prior claims, and has great credit. A driver that hits that “sweet spot” receives the best rates and as a result will probably cut their rates substantially.

Potential customers who fall outside these standards will be charged more money which leads to the customer not buying. The ad wording is “customers who switch” but not “drivers who get quotes” save that much money. This is how companies can truthfully make the claims of big savings. That is why drivers must get quotes from several different companies. Because you never know which auto insurance company will have the lowest rates.

When might I need the advice of an agent?

When buying proper insurance coverage for your personal vehicles, there isn’t really a cookie cutter policy. Each situation is unique and your policy should reflect that. For example, these questions may help highlight if your insurance needs could use an agent’s help.

  • Will I be non-renewed for getting a DUI or other conviction?
  • How can I get high-risk coverage after a DUI?
  • Exactly who is provided coverage by my policy?
  • When should I drop full coverage on my vehicle?
  • At what point should I drop full coverage?
  • Do I need roadside assistance coverage?
  • Can I still get insurance after a DUI?
  • I don’t drive much so do I pay less?

If it’s difficult to answer those questions, then you may want to think about talking to an agent. If you want to speak to an agent in your area, take a second and complete this form or click here for a list of auto insurance companies in your area.

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To learn more about auto insurance in Alabama

More tips and info about auto insurance is located at the Alabama Department of Insurance website. Consumers can file complaints about a company, learn about specific coverages, get help finding coverage, and file complaints about an insurance agent or broker.

What is YOUR best insurance company?

In this article, we presented some good ideas how to get a better price on auto insurance. The key concept to understand is the more companies you get rates for, the higher the chance of saving money. You may be surprised to find that the lowest rates come from some of the smallest insurance companies. Regional companies can often provide lower rates in certain areas compared to the large companies like GEICO and State Farm.

As you prepare to switch companies, it’s a bad idea to buy less coverage just to save a little money. Too many times, an accident victim reduced liability limits or collision coverage only to discover later that they should have had better coverage. Your strategy should be to purchase a proper amount of coverage at an affordable rate, not the least amount of coverage.