How to Know You’re Paying Too Much for Car Insurance in Salem, VA

I can’t think of anyone who likes having to buy car insurance, especially when the cost is way too high. Having so many online and local companies to choose from, it’s difficult to choose the most affordable insurance company.

Choosing the best insurance company for you in Salem is not that difficult. If you currently have a car insurance policy, you should be able to lower your premiums substantially using these techniques. Virginia drivers just need to learn how to compare prices on the web.

Free Quotes for Car Insurance in Salem

There are several ways you can shop for car insurance but there is one way that is less labor-intensive and much quicker. You can spend countless hours talking about coverages with local insurance agents in Salem, or you could save time and use online quotes to get rates in a matter of minutes.

Most of the best insurance companies are enrolled in a marketplace that enables customers to enter their policy data once, and at least one company provides a quote based on that data. This saves time by eliminating form submissions for each company.

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One minor caviat to getting quotes like this is that consumers can’t choose the companies to get quotes from. So if you prefer to choose specific providers to receive pricing from, we put together a list of low cost car insurance companies in Virginia. Click here for list of insurance companies in Virginia.

It doesn’t matter which method you choose, just be sure to compare identical coverages for every quote you compare. If you compare differing limits it’s not possible to find the best deal in Salem.

Take advantage of discounts

Car insurance companies don’t always list all available discounts in a way that’s easy to find, so we took the time to find some of the more common and the harder-to-find car insurance savings. If you aren’t receiving every discount available, you are throwing money away.

  • Defensive Driving Course – Completing a course teaching defensive driving skills could cut 5% off your bill if your company offers it.
  • New Car Discount – Insuring a new car can save up to 30% because new vehicles have to meet stringent safety requirements.
  • Seat Belts Save more than Lives – Buckling up and requiring all passengers to use their safety belts could cut 10% or more on the medical payments or PIP coverage costs.
  • Paperless Signup – Some insurance companies may give you up to $50 for buying your policy online.
  • Auto/Home Discount – When you combine your home and auto insurance with the same company you could get a discount of at least 10% off all policies.

Keep in mind that most of the big mark downs will not be given the the whole policy. The majority will only reduce the cost of specific coverages such as comprehensive or collision. Even though it may seem like it’s possible to get free car insurance, it doesn’t quite work that way.

For a list of insurers with the best car insurance discounts in Virginia, click this link.

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More detailed Virginia car insurance information is located at the Virginia Bureau of Insurance website. Virginia consumers can view agent and company licensing information, file complaints about an insurance agent or broker, find out industry alerts, and discover disciplinary actions.

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