Finding the Perfect Car Insurance Provider in Anaheim California

When trying to find an insurance agent in Anaheim, California, you can begin your search by comparing rates online in order to save time. It’s highly likely you’re not only searching for a friendly agent, but you also need great rates as well.

With Allstate, Farmers, State Farm and many independent agents having local Anaheim offices, it can be hard to know which one will have the lowest rates and best service. Fortunately, consumers can use online quoting to build a list of insurance agencies and price estimates.

Car Insurance through a local Anaheim agent

Professional agents are trained to spot inefficiencies and give you peace of mind. The best thing about comparing rates online is the fact that you can find the best rates and still have an agent to talk to. Supporting local businesses is definitely important in Anaheim.

By using this form (opens in new window), your insurance data gets sent to companies in Anaheim who will return price quotes for your insurance coverage. You don’t have to leave your house since price quotes are sent straight to your inbox. How’s that for easy!

Two types of Anaheim car insurance agents

If you’re trying to find a good insurance agency, there are two types of insurance agents that you can select. Insurance agencies in Anaheim are categorized either captive or independent. Both types can do a good job, but it’s good to learn how they are different because it can influence the type of agent you choose

Independent Insurance Agents

Independent agencies are not locked into one company but rather can write business with multiple insurance companies and potentially find a lower price. To move your coverage to a new company, an independent agent can move your coverage and that require little work on your part.

When comparison shopping, we recommend you include price quotes from multiple independent agents for the best price selection. They also have the ability to place coverage with lesser-known insurance companies which may provide better rates.

Below is a list of independent insurance agents in Anaheim that are able to give price quote information.

  • Applied General Agency – 1235 N Blue Gum St – Anaheim, CA 92806 – (714) 632-2801
  • Anguiano and Insurance – 804 W LA Palma Ave – Anaheim, CA 92801 – (714) 758-0022
  • Bob Bentley Agency – 121 N State College Blvd # 3 – Anaheim, CA 92806 – (714) 535-2825
  • Farmers Agency Anaheim Hills – 130 S Imperial Hwy – Anaheim, CA 92807 – (714) 974-4114
  • Patrick Mc Rae Insurance – 1290 N Hancock St – Anaheim, CA 92807 – (714) 779-6999
Captive Insurance Agents

Captive insurance agents can only place business with one company and examples are AAA, Allstate and State Farm. They generally cannot compare other company’s rates so they have no alternatives for high prices. They are trained well in insurance sales which helps them compete with independent agents. Consumers frequently choose to use a captive agent primarily because of high brand loyalty and solid financial strength.

The following are captive agents in Anaheim willing to provide price quotes.

  • State Farm Insurance – 5528 E LA Palma Ave # 1a – Anaheim, CA 92807 – (714) 779-0670
  • Allstate Insurance – 401 S Euclid St – Anaheim, CA 92802 – (714) 533-8191
  • Farmers Insurance Group – 5120 E LA Palma Ave – Anaheim, CA 92807 – (714) 777-1308

For a complete listing of Anaheim captive insurance agencies, view this link.

Deciding on a car insurance agent requires more thought than just the price. Any agent should be forthright in answering these questions:

  • Which members of your family are coverage by the policy?
  • Is their price quote a firm figure or are their hidden costs?
  • If you have an accident, are you able to get your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice?
  • Are you getting all the discounts the company offers?
  • What insurance companies do they work with?
  • Are they full-time agents?

Upon receiving reasonable responses to all your questions and a low price estimate, chances are good that you have found a car insurance agent that is a good match to service your policy.

Also think about buying car insurance direct

Licensed agents can be invaluable at times, but you also have the option of buying direct over the internet. Some specific companies who employ agents also give you the option to get quotes and purchase online, and online price comparisons are easy if finding the best price is important.

If you’re worried about not having an agent to talk to, this is a normal reaction for first-time shoppers. Online companies all have client service departments for answering any questions you have.

Do online companies provide lower prices? Many people swear by it, but it’s difficult to answer because there are many components that impact your rate calculation. Common sense would say that a shopper who purchases direct prevents the agent from taking a cut. But the reality is it’s expensive to advertise and that impacts the rates consumers pay.

Compare but don’t skimp

When buying insurance coverage, it’s a bad idea to buy lower coverage limits just to save a few bucks. In too many instances, drivers have reduced liability coverage limits only to find out that they should have had better coverage. The proper strategy is to buy the best coverage you can find at an affordable rate.

Cheaper car insurance is attainable on the web as well as from independent agents in Anaheim, so compare prices from both to get a complete price analysis. Some car insurance companies don’t offer you the ability to get quotes online and these smaller companies work with independent agents.

More information is located on the California Department of Insurance website through this link. Consumers can find disaster information, read industry bulletins, and discover disciplinary actions.

California insurance agencies

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