Consumers Uncover How to Pay Less for Porsche 968 Insurance

Sick and tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul to pay your car insurance bill each month? You’re in the same situation as the majority of other car owners.

Having so many companies and agents to choose from, it can be impossible to choose the right insurance company.

Why your Porsche 968 insurance rates may be high

It’s important that you understand the different types of things that help determine your auto insurance rates. When you know what positively or negatively determines base rates empowers consumers to make smart changes that could result in much lower annual insurance costs.

The following are a few of the “ingredients” used by your company to calculate premiums.

  • Is your vehicle built for speed? – The performance of the vehicle you own makes a huge difference in the rate you pay. The lowest rates tend to be for lower performance four cylinder passenger vehicles, but there are many factors that impact the final cost. Since the Porsche 968 is considered a luxury sports car, rates will be up to twice as much compared to average rates.
  • Where you reside plays a part – Residing in a small town can be a good thing when it comes to auto insurance. Drivers who live in large cities regularly have much more traffic and longer commute times. Lower population means a lower chance of having an accident and also fewer theft and vandalism claims.
  • Do you qualify for a multi-policy discount? – Some insurance companies give discounts to insureds who have multiple policies with them in the form of a multi-policy discount. Even with this discount, you may still want to comparison shop to confirm you are receiving the best rates possible.
  • A lapse in coverage is a bad thing – Having an insurance coverage lapse is a sure-fire way to increase your auto insurance rates. And not only will your rates increase, but being ticketed for driving with no insurance might get you a steep fine or even jail time.
  • Pay less if you’re married – Having a spouse can actually save you money on your auto insurance policy. Marriage means you’re more mature and responsible and statistics show drivers who are married are more cautious.
  • Do you work long hours in a high stress job? – Did you know your job can affect your rates? Careers like doctors, social workers and accountants tend to have higher rates than average because of job stress and lots of time spent at work. On the flip side, occupations like actors, athletes and homemakers receive lower rates on 968 coverage.
  • Add-on coverages can add up – There are a ton of extra bells and whistles you can purchase if you aren’t careful. Coverages like rental car reimbursement, better glass coverage and additional equipment coverage are some examples. These may sound like a good investment when you first buy your policy, but now you might not need them so get rid of them and save.
  • Increase deductibles and save – Your deductibles define the amount you are willing to pay if you file a covered claim. Physical damage coverage, termed comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy, insures against damage to your car. Some examples of claims that would be covered are running into the backend of another car, collision with an animal, and rolling your vehicle. The more money the insured has to pay upfront, the less your company will charge you for insurance on 968 coverage.

How to Get Auto Insurance

There are a lot of ways you can shop for auto insurance but some are less time-consuming than others. You could waste a few hours talking to insurance agencies in your area, or you could save time and use the internet to get prices fast.

Most major companies belong to a marketplace that enables customers to enter their policy data once, and every company returns a competitive quote based on that information. This system prevents you from having to do quote requests for each company.

To find out what other companies charge click here to open in new window.

One minor caviat to using this type of form is buyers cannot specifically choose which companies you want pricing from. If you would rather choose specific insurance companies to compare rates, we have a listing of the cheapest auto insurance companies in your area. Click here for list of insurance companies.

Whichever method you choose, make absolute certain that you use apples-to-apples coverage limits and deductibles for each comparison quote. If you enter different limits and deductibles on each one it will be next to impossible to determine the best price for your Porsche 968. Quoting even small variations in coverage limits can mean a large discrepancy in price. And when comparison shopping, quoting more helps you find the best rates.

More discounts equal less premium

Companies that sell car insurance don’t necessarily list every discount in a way that’s easy to find, so we researched some of the best known and the more hidden savings tricks you should be using.

  • College Student – Children who attend school more than 100 miles from home and do not have a car can be insured at a reduced rate.
  • Military Discounts – Having a family member in the military may qualify for rate reductions.
  • Discounts for Safe Drivers – Insureds without accidents may receive a discount up to 45% less on 968 coverage than drivers with accidents.
  • Passive Restraint Discount – Vehicles equipped with air bags or automatic seat belts can qualify for discounts of more than 20%.
  • Save over 55 – If you’re over the age of 55, you may qualify for better auto insurance rates on 968 coverage.

Consumers should know that many deductions do not apply the the whole policy. A few only apply to individual premiums such as comprehensive or collision. So despite the fact that it appears having all the discounts means you get insurance for free, companies don’t profit that way.

For a list of insurance companies with the best auto insurance discounts, follow this link.

Your local neighborhood insurance agent

Some consumers would rather talk to a local agent and there is nothing wrong with that. The best thing about getting online price quotes is you can get the lowest rates but still work with a licensed agent.

Upon completion of this form (opens in new window), the coverage information is instantly submitted to companies who will return price quotes for your coverage. You don’t have to even leave your home since price quotes are sent straight to your inbox. How cool is that?! You’ll get the best rates and an insurance agent to talk to.

Picking an provider should depend on more than just a low price. These questions are important to ask:

  • Does the agency support the community they serve?
  • If you have an accident, are you able to get your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice?
  • Do they have adequate Errors and Ommissions coverage? This protects you if they make a mistake.
  • What is the agency’s Better Business Bureau rating?
  • How are they compensated?
  • Do you have coverage for a rental car if your vehicle is in the repair shop?
  • Is vehicle mileage a factor when determining depreciation for repairs?

If you want to contact a specific insurance agent in your state, visit this site.

After receiving acceptable answers to these questions and locked in a price quote, you’ve probably found an insurance company that is a good match to properly insure your vehicles.

Is my situation unique?

When it comes to buying proper insurance coverage, there is no “perfect” insurance plan. Each situation is unique and your policy should reflect that. Here are some questions about coverages that might help in determining if you will benefit from professional help.

  • Should I drop comprehensive coverage on older vehicles?
  • What vehicles should carry emergency assistance coverage?
  • Does having multiple vehicles earn me a discount?
  • Where can I get insurance after a DUI in my state?
  • Am I covered when driving in Canada or Mexico?
  • Is my babysitter covered when using my vehicle?
  • Is my teen driver covered when they drive my company car?
  • Should I buy only the required minimum liability coverage?
  • Why is insurance for a teen driver so high?
  • Am I covered when driving someone else’s vehicle?

If it’s difficult to answer those questions, then you may want to think about talking to a licensed insurance agent. If you want to speak to an agent in your area, fill out this quick form or you can go here for a list of companies in your area.

One last thing about your coverage

We just presented some good ideas how you can lower your Porsche 968 insurance rates. The most important thing to understand is the more rate comparisons you have, the better your chances of lowering your rates. Consumers could even find that the biggest savings come from some of the lesser-known companies. Smaller companies can often insure niche markets at a lower cost compared to the large companies like Allstate, GEICO and Progressive.

Discount Porsche 968 insurance can be sourced from both online companies in addition to many insurance agents, and you should compare price quotes from both in order to have the best chance of saving money. Some insurance providers do not provide online price quotes and many times these small insurance companies only sell through independent insurance agents.